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Joseph Gillott - Mapping Dip Pens

The William Mitchell specialised series of Joseph Gillott Mapping Pens are recognised as the world’s leading brand of drawing pen. Available in three different sizes, William Mitchell fine artists’ pens are ideal for sketching, mapping, cartooning, engraving, extra fine writing and drawing.

William Mitchell nib points have a protective lacquer to prevent tarnishing. Briefly immerse the full pen point in boiling water before first use to remove.

Mapping pens differ from other dip pens in size and shape. The nibs are extra fine for delicate, accurate lines. Because the base of the nib is a small tube it will not fit in a standard dip pen handle, it needs a mapping pen holder.

Contents Include

6 x Mapping Dip Pen Nibs (only for use with a mapping holder)

2 x Mapping No.659

2 x Mapping No.2788

2 x Mapping No.850

1 x Mapping Nib Holder

1 x Cardboard Storage Box