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William Mitchell Calligraphy - Italic Dip Pens

A chisel point nib ideally suited for Italic handwriting and other calligraphy styles, such as Gothic and Uncial is a slightly firmer nib then our Round Hand. Available in five sizes 0.5mm, 0.75mm, 1.0mm, 1.25mm and 1.5mm nib widths. When used with a William Mitchell slip-on reservoir, they allow a full even flow of ink.

William Mitchell nib points have a protective lacquer to prevent tarnishing. Briefly immerse the full pen point in boiling water before first use to remove.

Contents Include:

5 x Italic Dip Pen Nibs

1 x Italic no.1 (1.5mm)

1 x Italic no.2 (1.25mm)

1 x Italic no.3 (1.0mm)

1 x Italic no.4 (0.75mm)

1 x Italic no.5 (0.5mm)

1 x Pen Holder

2 x Two Slip-on Reservoirs

1 x Cardboard Storage Box