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The Ultimate Productivity Planner - Journal

Your first step to a balanced, productive everyday!

Very often amidst our busy routines & constant hustle, our daily prayers- the key component of our success, the core of our lives get neglected.

The Ultimate Productivity Planner is especially designed to help plan your daily activities around your daily Salah & aim for maximum productivity!

  • A separate spread (the one on the right hand side) is devoted solely to organizing your tasks around your 5 daily prayers.
  • Practicing this will not only help you keep track of all your prayers, but will also help you time block, plan your day efficiently, take breaks & recharge yourself by mindfully setting out time for your Salah from your busy schedule.
  • The daily spreads are designed with a simple, clutter free layout focusing on the everyday essentials with special dedicated spaces for daily intentions, habits, skills & traits, plus a daily Qur’an, Salah & Dhikr tracker too.
  • Each spread also includes lined pages devoted for self-reflection, taking notes & just checking in.

The Ultimate Productivity Planner is holds spreads for upto 7+ weeksfor planning your everyday- just the perfect amount of time for building the life you want one day, one habit, one step at a time.


Take the first step to a mindful, productive lifestyle InSha’Allah!

Planner Features:

  • Solid colored smooth matte exterior embellished with a 3D gold text
  • Each 1 day spread includes a section for daily activities, to do's & check ins
  • A separate layout divided into 5 sections-1 for each daily prayer for time blocking & planning activities around the 5 prayers
  • 2 lined spreads for self reflection, extra notes etc
  • 234 pages
  • 110 gsm high quality paper
  • Size : A5 

Disclaimer: Colors may vary slightly due to differences in lighting.


Color: Corn Yellow
Corn Yellow
Celeste Green
Ice Blue
Blush Pink
Primrose Pink