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Sakura 75ml - Acrylic Medium

Variant: Gloss

Sakura Acrylic Medium 75ml Tubes

Sakura Acrylic Gloss is great for adding Gloss effect on your Mixed Media Projects or even on your Acrylic Paintings. You can even use gloss to adhere your embellishments on your craft projects. It gives a shiny effect (Glossy) when the paint dries. 

Sakura Gesso is to prime surface, of canvas, wood panels, gives textures on painted surface. A semi- liquid layer (more paste) and aims to cover the pores on the canvas, thereby blocking the paint through the painting backward. And more save the use of paint painting. In addition to helping to save the use of paint painting, gesso can also coat the top of the wood into a white, so the paint color that will be used more visible bright.

Sakura Modeling Paste is great for adding textures to your mixed media products. with white color that can be mixed by other acrylic color, used to make texture on canvas surface, with economical price.

  • Brilliant color and smooth extension.
  • A clear transparent tube makes it easy to see color hue.
  • Both paint and mediums (Modeling, Gesso, and Gloss) are available.
  • Usable on papers like poster colors
  • Usable on canvas like oil paints