Daler Rowney Simply Camel Hair Brush Set Of 5

Daler Rowney Simply Natural Camel Hair Brushes¬†will apply your paint in even, smooth strokes ‚Äď whether you‚Äôre using acrylic, oil or watercolour paints, though are ideal for use with watercolours in particular.

With five brushes in the set, this gives you a variety of thicknesses to allow you to create a variety of different effects onto any page or canvas. You’ll have a 0 round brush, a 4 round brush, a 1/2 flat wash brush, 3/4 flat wash brush and a 6 filbert brush.

  • Five brushes included
  • Natural camel hair brushes
  • Best suited for watercolour
  • Short handled
  • Imported From England
  • Watercolor¬†