Daler Rowney Canvas Roll Medium ( 2.1 meter Wide Length 5 Meter ) & ( 1.1 meter Wide Length 5 Meter )

Size: 1.1 x 5 meters

Its a prepared canvas cloth with primer is already applied on it.
Cotton Canvas Rolls – 100% primed cotton Canvas. Available in two sizes:
Size 1.1 x 5 meters (1.1 meter wide, 5 meter length)
Size 2.1×5 metre (2.1 metre wide, 5 metre length)

Daler-Rowney canvases are made to the highest specifications. All Daler-Rowney canvases have been treated with three coats of acrylic primer. Triple-priming creates a perfect ready-to-use painting surface for both oils and acrylics that holds the colour on the surface and prevents seepage through the back.

Made In England