Deli Artist's Drawing Set

Deli 27 Pcs Fine-Art Drawing & Sketching Pencil Tool kit (58125)

Easy to hold - comes with a transportable roll case that permits for simple store and organization of the pencils, erasers and alternative things. The case conjointly features a strap that makes carrying it very easy convenient.

16 pieces of pencil: 1 pc of HB; 2H; 3B; 5B; 6B; 8B; 9B; 10B; 12B, 3pcs of 2B; 4B. 3pcs of special charcoal for sketching. Three pcs of paper implement. 1pc of kneadable implement. 1pc of pencil eraser. 1pc of pencil extender. 1pc of knife. 1pc of pencil bag. As well as (totally 27pcs items).

Package Included:

  • 16pcs of pencil
  • 1 piece of kneadable eraser
  • 1 piece of rubber eraser
  • 3pcs of special charcoal for sketching
  • 3 pcs of paper erasers
  • 1pc of knife
  • 1 pc of pencil extender
  • 1 pc of pencil bag