Acrylic Pouring Medium 236ML by Apple Barrel

Apple Barrel  Pouring Medium is ideal for use with any Acrylic Paint to create the perfect paint for your pouring projects.

  1. Transform acrylic craft paint into pourable paint to create amazing marbling and swirled effects
  2. Can be used with multiple pouring techniques, including dirty pours and direct pours
  3. Can be used with light or dark colors
  4. Dries to a satin finish
  5. Water-based, AP-certified non-toxic
  6. Made in the USA
  7. Easy clean-up while wet with soap and water

Pouring medium is a type of medium used in acrylic painting to create fluid, dynamic effects on a canvas. It is a clear, liquid substance that is added to acrylic paint to create a thinner, more flowing consistency that can be easily poured onto a surface.

It is often used in acrylic pouring, a technique in which paint is poured onto a canvas and then manipulated to create unique patterns and textures. It can also be used in other painting techniques, such as glazing and layering, to create smooth, even layers of paint.

One of the benefits of using pouring medium is that it allows for greater control over the flow of paint. It also helps to prevent cracking and other issues that can occur when acrylic paint is applied in thick layers.

It is a versatile tool that can be used to create a wide range of effects in acrylic painting