Rainbow color scratch Painting notepads

LARGE SIZE:      11.0 Inch x 8.0 Inch + 1 Wood Pencil
MEDIUM SIZE:   8.0 inch x 5.6 Inch + 1 Wood Pencil 
10 Sheets Each.
  • Scratch Art Notebooks - with 2 Sizes notebooks Large & Medium,  Each scratch art notebook has 10 pages of scratch paper and 1 Wood Pencil.
  • Many Uses - doodle, jot notes, create cards, sketch, draw, and make cool illustrations and designs. The perfect outlet for your children's artistic thoughts.
  • Easy to Use, Amazing Results - bright colors hide beneath the matte coating -- use the wooden stylus to reveal them with a simple scratch.
  • Safe & Non Toxic - no odd flavor, no toxic powder, so kids can take their time to play, think, test and prepare for their masterpieces, enjoy scratch art.

Size: Large