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Pop it Fidget Dice Ludo

Style: Peach

Pop It 3D Challenge is a mind relaxing game with its lucky dice rolls.
If you like DIY antistress, satisfying, relaxing, and anxiety relief pop-it games, then this Pop It Ludo Challenge is for you.

Pop it challenge is poping sensory toys with realistic sounds. This is the main trend in antistress games of 2021. Pop It 3D Challenge - DIY Fidget Satisfying Relaxing Game helps deal with everyday stress and feel happy. Press all the bubbles to open the next colorful amongus toys.

How To Play:
- An interesting challenging game in which you can play with your friends or computer.
- Roll the dice, make your move, and popit bubbles according to the score.
- Each player gets a turn-wise chance to roll the dice and pop it bubbles.
- When you click on fidget buttons it makes a soothing sound.
- Just pop all the bubbles, and soon you will calm and relax.

Size: BIG ZISE 30x20cm