GOALS - Pen It All Down Series Notepad

put those moments to words. cement those thoughts on paper. pen down those goals. don't shy away from those lists. transfer that extra brain load on paper. 

PEN it all down! 

Research shows that decluttering one's mind & writing down information helps one improve their focus & productivity levels.
It also plays a significant role in reducing symptoms of anxiety, overwhelm & stress. 

So whether you need a space for some quick brain dump, listing things down, organising your weeks & months, a dedicated space for your unfiltered raw thoughts or a little outlet to look back on your happy thoughts then, BLINGSPOT's 'PEN IT ALL DOWN' notepad series is just what YOU need! 

This vibrant colour series isn't only super handy but also a pleasing sight for the eyes. 

These peelable notepad pages also make great inserts for planners, files & journals alike.
Size: 5.1x 3.9 inches
50 easy peelable sheets 

Disclaimer: Colors may vary slightly due to difference in lighting.