Luxury Vintage Feather Dip Pen Set - Scratch & Dent Sale

The Ultimate Vintage Gift Set

Just what's needed to add that vintage touch to your workspaces.

Boxed in a luxury gift box packaging with a complete set of vintage accessories. 

A closer look at the details reveal a fine quality metallic feather pen with a stainless steel fountain nib & a body engraved with organic vintage elements- adding onto the vintage aesthetic. 

Paired with fine leather journal perfect for travel journaling, daily journaling & writing letters.

The set includes:

  • 1 Luxury Feather Dip Pen 
  • 1 Vintage Lather journal
  • 1 Dip Ink pot 
  • 1 Vintage Pen stand 

Black Packing Box  Slight Damage & Scratches the article is perfect

Color: Purple