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Floating Pen Markers Set of 7

Set of 7 Markers 

Description :

  • 【Magical Water Painting Pen】Use this floating whiteboard pen to paint on any glossy surface i.e ceramic spoon. When encountering water, the drawn pattern will float by itself, as if there is life, which is very interesting!

  • 【Floating Ink Markers】8 colors make the painting objects more abundant, you can draw everthing such as small fish, tortoise, SpongeBob, Flowers, butterflies,numbers and so on.

  • 【Safe to Use】With certified non-toxic ink and special low odor formula, it is harmless to human body. Water painting will arouse children's curiosity, mom, dad and children can join the painting together and experience the joy of handwork!

  • 【Easy to Clean】Quick-drying, smooth writing, no ink leakage. The water-based ink is easily wiped off with a cloth On the whiteboard without leaving any trace.

  • 【Magical Floating On-Water Painting Kit】Draw the pattern you want on a bowl or spoon made of mirror, glass or ceramic with a colored water pen, wait 3-5 seconds, slowly put in the water from the edge of the pattern, you will see it.

  • Colors : Grey / Blue / Teal / Peach / Pink / Purple / Red / yellow   

Disclaimer : Price mentioned is of 1 set of 7 markers only Without Packing