Dua Card Bundle

The everyday dua bundle is a product of constant reminders and need to supplicate.

It makes a great gift and is rather a vibrant and colorful sentiment to find yourself closer to His remembrance throughout the day. 

These can be carried for travel and make great gifts for Umrah travelers.

Duas Included:

• 4 Quls
• Six Kalimas
• Dua before going to sleep
• Dua upon waking up
• Dua before and after going to lavatory
• Dua when dressing oneself
• Dua after adhaan
• Dua before entering home
• Dua before leaving home
• Dua for protection against Ain / Nazar
• Dua for entering bazaar
• Dua e Safar
• Ayat ul Kursi
• Durood e Ibrahim
• Attahiyat (Tashahhud)
• Dua e Qunoot
• Miscellaneous everyday Duas for repentance, protection, eman and well being.


30 ATM Sized Gloss Coat Dua Cards

All sets come bound with a chain to make it easy to go through, and held together. 

Note: Please respect these and take care in placing them safely.

Price mentioned is for 1 set of 30 cards.

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