Super Pencil + FREE Refill Cartridge

Color: Yellow With Pink Refill

NO need to Sharpen the Pencil !

NO need to Press the clutch for more Lead !

The Lead comes out automatically as you write! Yes, it does work like a magic !

Comes With FREE Refill Container that included Humongous Size of 12 cm ,12 number of Refill Leads!  

The Whole package can write Non-Stop for Ages!

We have combined technology and tradition to introduce a pencil that will change the way you write FOREVER. We have turned the old pencil to something that will WOW you – creating and defining experiences that inspires you.

Unbreakable Lead

Freedom from the constant hurdle in your productivity.

No Sharpener Required

Stop the repetitive sharpening to waste your time and create unnecessary waste.

Environment Friendly

Play your part in the environment protection by using our pencil and save trees.


Using non-toxic lead to ensure safety of your children.

Pencil Design Random Will Be Send