Adventure is Out There

You will need a damp cloth, flat surface and a credit card.

STEP 1: Clean your laptop surface thoroughly with a damp cloth (use just a little bit of water and no soap) and make sure the surface is 100% dry before applying. Do not attempt to apply sticker in humid conditions.

STEP 2: To apply the special sticker turn your sticker face down on a table and slowly separate the white backing paper starting from the corner. Discard the white paper. The sticker should be stuck to the transfer tape(transparent sheet).

STEP 3&4: Now turn the Sticker over a carefully position it on your laptop starting in one corner and slowly pressing down on the sticker as you apply it to ensure that there are no air bubbles.

STEP 5: Use a credit card rub firmly over the entire sticker applying pressure.

STEP 6: Remove the transfer tape(transparent sheet). Starting from the corner, slowly and carefully pull the transfer tape away from the sticker at a flat angle - do this process really slowly and if sticker keeps sticking to transparent sheet at any point while you are peeling off the transparent sheet rub the sticker again on that point again firmly and repeat peeling off till sticker sticks to the laptop surface. Continue peeling off the transfer tape and discard.