Giorgione Solid Watercolor Paint 36 Colors Tin Set

Giorgione Solid Watercolor Paint 36 Colors for Gift Set

- 100% brand new and high quality.
- Highly quality solid watercolor paint with pure and bright colors is delicate and nontoxic;and can be blended with water,easy to use.
- Solid water-based colors that can be dissolved and blended easily.
- 36 colors for you to choose, gives you a complete painting set to achieve smooth finish, meeting your needs of DIY painting.
- The color is strong and the transition is natural and well-balanced. It is a good assistant for your painting.
- Easy to dip in, good diffusion, suitable for watercolor, traditional Chinese painting creation.
- Compact body and light weight makes it easy and convenient to take and carry.
- It can be a great gift to your children and help kids improve their imagination and creativity when painting.

Item Type: 36 Colors Solid Watercolor Paints
Material: Pigment
Size: Box: 23x18.5cm/9.05x7.2in
Quantity: 1 Box

Package Includes:
1 Box x 36 Colors Solid Watercolor Paints
8 x Watercolor Sheet 21 x 12cm 
1 x Brush & 1 6ml Watercolor Tube Chinese White Color 
1 x Pencil
1 x Watercolor Pen
1 x Bag