Cretacolor Battery Operated Electric Eraser Set Of 15

Cretacolor Battery Operated Electric Eraser with 10 erasers & 4 rubber tubes.
It takes 2 AA batteries (batteries not included)

– The rubber allows for precise, quick erasion of graphite & colored pencils without smudging.
– White erasers (soft) for gentle, precise erasion, grey erasers (hard) for erasion on resistant base materials.
– This makes it ideal for correcting mistakes or re-working very small areas – Can be used to polish objects and remove dirt from them.
– Package is completed with 4 rubber tubes with different inside diameters so you can mount special tools for engraving, polishing for various kind of surfaces. The erasers can be used until their very end as they can be pulled out from the holder as per the user`s needs.

Brand: Cretacolor
Made In Austria