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CORAL - The Ultimate 2022 Planning Mini Kit

The PERFECT 2022 Planning Essentials Kit!

DESIGNER products. One of a kind. All planning essentials in 1 kit. Personalized. Pocket friendly. Themed. Ready to go gifts. 10 colors. DIY friendly. SUPER quality. 

Are you someone who’s new to planning? Or, just someone who enjoys using dynamic planners & planning accessories? Maybe you’d like to try something new to keep you hyped up for 2022? Either way, you’re at the RIGHT place!

The Ultimate 2022 Planning Kit is just what you need to kick off your 2022 planning journey & keep you hyped up for the year to come!

Planning Kit Contents:

  • 2022 DESIGNER Calendar
  • Designer To-Do List Tearable Notepad
  • Sticky Note Markers
  • Kit Box

Disclaimer: Colors may vary slightly due to differences in lighting.

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